Sue Colton

Supporting Businesses through the next phase of COVID-19

How would you imagine employees are feeling about their workplace right now?

Probably a mixture of uncertainty, fear, sadness, hope, denial, guilt, impatience and fatigue, to name but a few!  Everyone’s perceptions of the situation are unique, and we might oscillate between any of these feelings daily if not more frequently. During this current phase of lockdown our individual and professional responsibilities have become quite clear, but we are about to move into the next phase, which again brings further uncertainty and undoubtedly some division between everyone’s individual perspectives.

What are the immediate issues facing business leaders from a psychological perspective?

The government, business owners and us as individuals are all having to reconsider our unique priorities, juggling the medical, economic and behavioural impacts of what we do next. Many of us have become ‘bunkered’, avoiding longer-term planning as this would likely highlight too many variables, uncertainties, further disappointments, as well as potentially more loss. As business leaders we have both professional and personal concerns and aspirations which will influence our ability and desire to look ahead.  However, the emphasis is now shifting towards remobilising the economy and lifting some of the immediate emotional strain.

As a business leader, what could help improve the psychological well-being of your employees?

Businesses need to open up conversations with their employees concerning the return to the workplace – what might work, what might not.  The psychological impact on our people, including you, as business leaders is and will remain huge. Building in measures to keep safe our psychological well-being as best we can, will be a key differentiator as we continue to move through this crisis. Talking and listening will be one of the more successful coping strategies.

Developing New Organisational Narratives

As business psychologists, we would like to offer you a free hour-long diagnostic consultation  to listen, discuss and explore options over how you might start to remobilise your organisation – a chance for you to think out loud.  Another option which is at the heart of our solution is an engaging and creative focus group methodology. A chance for your employees to think out loud – creating a safe space for them to air concerns and share ideas – one that should set the tone for a wider organisational dialogue that will truly make a difference in managing how we all get through this.

We have gathered much insight and ideas of late, and can also bring our many decades of business psychology expertise to bear, to add value to your thinking and in helping you plan a way forward.  We are deeply committed to supporting organisations build people and organisational resilience to adapt to the current challenges and thrive once again.   Please do contact us – we want to help start the conversations that need to be had.

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