Terms of Business

SJC Consulting London Ltd seeks to provide an exceptional quality service to all its valued clients.  Providing services covering a plethora of industries and functions is part of our remit, keeping us busy and at the top of our game.

As our business has grown so too have the demands upon us.  Much of the support required by us is often needed at short notice.  Where possible early notification of potential involvement would help maintain a quality outcome for all involved.  With that in mind we pledge the following:

  • We will respond to work requests / emails within 8 workings hours with details of what can be delivered and by when – or seek as appropriate further clarity as to what you need.
  • Urgent requests for work will be carried out as soon as possible but will only be accepted by us if we know quality won’t be affected. A premium for urgent support may be levied which will be agreed with you at the outset.
  • The possibility of using other SJC approved consultants will be discussed with you at an early stage, if this is appropriate in meeting your needs.

Typical charge rates are from £850 per day.  Discounted rates are given to retained clients or when working on a ring-fenced assignment basis.

Professional Indemnity cover is held by the principle consultants used. Confidentiality Agreements will be signed if provided by the client.  Contract letters will be issued by SJC Consulting London Ltd if not already prepared by the client.

Payment terms are strictly within 30 days of invoices being issued.  A 20% premium is levied on late-payment.  Cancellation of pre-booked work up to 5 days before is likely to incur a charge of 50 % of the total rate.  Cancellation of any work within 24 hours of its commencement carries a 100% charge of the rate agreed.