Proven, tailored employee engagement projects and strategies for all businesses.

Valued. Motivated. Productive.

This is what successful businesses with strong employer brands have in common. It’s also how you’ll feel when you work with us.

Working in close partnership with you, we’ll explore the issues, challenges, positives and opportunities in your business to improve employee engagement.

We’ll help you to create a strong ‘psychological contract’ with your employees. ‘Occupational-psychology speak’ for the bond, the mutual respect and support you have with your employees, achieving this will mean looking at a wide range of elements.

Together, we’ll look at expectations – what employees understand is expected of them, but also what they expect in return. We’ll help you develop mechanisms for employees to feel listened to, valued and able to positively influence company direction and success. We can review, recommend and design improvements to employee recognition, motivation and reward. And we’ll help you to identify the values important to your organisation, designing methods and processes to ensure they are positively communicated and practiced, and aligned with the organisational goals and direction.

If you’d like help better engaging your people:

“Sue helped us design a performance management framework forming part of our service offering to veterinary practices. Under the banner of employee engagement, she designed a job family modelling career structure which included a competency framework for each practice to bespoke to suit their own needs. She also created a toolkit for marketing purposes in helping sell the concept to our clients. We worked with Sue over a four month period, during which she created all the materials in detail for our approval. Her vision of what we were trying to achieve was totally aligned with our own thinking, but she was able to bring expertise and knowledge outside our own. Her style is collaborative and consensual without being over bearing or cumbersome. We mostly left her to work alone but the result was highly welcomed by our team of business consultants. She shows passion and enthusiasm for the work required and delivers results on time and to a high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue.”
Nick Steele

National Consulting Manager, Vet Support, Pzifer

  • Competency frameworks
  • Staff opinion surveys – devising and analysis, presented in a comprehensive report with recommendations and support
  • Building capability programmes
  • Full company wide employee engagement strategy
  • Cultural review of business and values
  • Development of the employee brand
  • Performance reviews
  • Line management training
  • Career pathway development
  • Organisational change or restructure
  • Pay, reward and recognition audit and recommendations
  • Review and implementation of appraisal processes
  • Staff retention strategies
  • New staff induction design